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VEDN Underground Electrical Infrastructure

This module is designed to meet the mandatory training and competency requirements for non-electrical workers within the Electricity Supply Industry. Civil construction contractors either undertaking, or proposing to undertake, the installation of underground electrical infrastructure that will be owned by a Victorian Electricity Supply Industry distribution company

The training course will provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to safely undertake trench, pit and conduit construction, in accordance with industry requirements

This module can be used for both initial and refresher training.

Pre-requisites:  There are no prerequisite competencies to this unit.

Delivery:              This module is presented by our qualification and experienced facilitators.

Frequency:         Initial

Summary of content
  • Legislation affecting underground electrical infrastructure construction work.
  • Electrical hazards and safety concerns, including risk analysis and the elimination of hazards.
  • Environmental issues.
  • Construction plans and resource requirements.
  • Trenching requirements.
  • Pit Installation requirements.
  • Cable and conduit Installation requirements.
  • Cable protection and back filling requirements.
  • Sub Station and public lighting column installation requirements.
  • Specific Distribution Business requirements.